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सूचना :- इस सभी एप्लीकेशन के अंदर वित्तीय जोखिम शामिल है तो कृपया इस बात का ध्यान रखते हुए स्वयं के रिस्क पर खेलें ! और इसके अंदर अपने पैसे को जोड़ने से बचें, वरना इसमें आप लोगों का नुकसान हो सकता है,

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Abot this app

Q.1. Other Best Features In Paisa Rummy Apk ?

Ans. The Teen patti cash Includes A Wide Variety Of Outstanding Programs And Features That Fall Into The Categories Listed Below.

  • In Teen patti cash you get a bonus of ₹51
  • There are 22 games available for gaming.
  • Get ₹100 on per inviting friends
  • In this you can withdraw amount Min. ₹100.
  • You can deposit a minimum amount of ₹100

By Downloading And Installing The Application, You Gain Access To Numerous Engaging Programs. Consequently, Once You Have Rummy Paisa APK , You Can Experience A Variety Of Applications.

Q.2. How To Register In Teen patti cash APK?

Ans. You Can Follow These Steps To Sign-Up –

  • First Click on The Download Button,
  • Then click on OK to start downloading,
  • Install  on the smartphone,
  • Open and Click on Play as Guest,
  • Click on the Profile Button And Bind Number,
  • After That, You Can Get a rs 51 Sign-Up Bonus.

If You Follow All Of The Steps Provided Above, You Can Create An Account Within This Application And Receive The Bonus It Offers.

Q.3. Other Best Features In Rummy Paisa Apk.

Ans. The Following Types Of Great Programs And Features Are Found Inside the Rummy Paisa Application.

    • In Rummy Paisa you get a bonus of ₹ 51
    • There are 22 games available for gaming.
    • Get ₹150 on inviting friends
    • In this, you can withdraw an amount Min. ₹100.
    • You can deposit a minimum amount of ₹50

The Programs Contained Within It Are Exceedingly Captivating, and, There Are Numerous Other Programs Available For Your Enjoyment Upon Downloading And Installing Rummy Paisa Application.

Q.4. How To Download Rummy Paisa
App Name Rummy Paisa 
Rummy Paisa Get Link  Click here
sign up Bonus ₹1500
Referral Commission 150+ 30% Commission
Minimum Withdrawal Limit 1000₹
Maximum Withdrawal Limit 1,50,000₹ in One Day

Rummy Paisa App is a very popular application for earning online by playing game.

teen patti cash

Teen patti cash details

App nameTeen patti cash
App linkDownload button
Sign up bonus₹20 + ( ₹500 Weekly)
Refer commissionPer refer ₹20 & 30% Commission
Minimum withdraw₹100
DownloadDownload button
Withdraw proofVerified & payment proof
Official Sitehttps://newteenpattiapk.com/

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New Teen Patti launched in 2023 Teen Patti Cash game is a very Best earning application and 100% trusted and payment proof.

1) How to download teen patti cash app ?

  • To download the Teen Patti Cash application, click on the above or below download button.
  • As soon as you click on the download button, the page to download the teen patti cash apk will open in front of you.
  • From here you can teen patti cash download the Easy application by clicking on the download button.

2) How to sign up inside Teen Patti Cash Application?

  • Teen Patti Cash application has to be downloaded and installed first.
  • Open the real teen patti cash application after installation.
  • Here you will see two options to sign up, one is mobile number and the other is play as guest.
  • So friends, here you always have to use your mobile number to sign up.
teen patti cash apk
  • So you will have the option of inter phone number, by clicking on it, you can create an account with your mobile number.

3) How To Collect teen patti cash sign up bonus ?

1) Sign Up Bonus teen patti cash

  • First of all friends, as soon as you create an account with your mobile number, you will get some sign up bonus ranging from ₹ 20 to ₹ 100 .
  • Which depends on your luck, but minimum ₹ 20 will be available.
  • After this, if you click on the option of the message box below, then you will be able to collect ₹ 100 bonus coins there.
  • you can use 3 patti real money paytm cash to play.
  • And those bonus points will convert into your gold coins as you play the game for 3 patti paytm cash .

2) Welcome Bonus teen patti cash

teen patti cash withdrawl

Very fine mobile number to collect the welcome bonus.
Conversions rule of bonus get:10% cashback on your losing amount.

3 ) Bonus Card

teen patti cash game

Choose 1 daily bonus kat to purchase each time, you can select other card after expiration.

4) What are the games available in Teen Patti Cash APK ?

real teen patti cash

All the games given below are available inside Teen Patti Cash.

  1. Rummy
  2. Teen patti
  3. 7 up down
  4. Andar bahar
  5. Jhandi munda
  6. Dragon vs tiger
  7. Ludo
  8. Call break
  9. Fish rush
  10. Video poker
  11. Baccarat 3 patti
  12. Horce racing
  13. Fruit party
  14. Baccarat AB
  15. Wingo loterry
  16. Baccarat
  17. Pot blind

By playing all teen patti cash games, you can earn on the basis of your skill and talent and enjoy all teen patti real cash game.

5) How to recharge inside teen patti cash application to earn money by playing games ?

  • If you want to earn by playing premium games in online teen patti cash then you have to recharge inside the game.
  • To recharge inside Teen Patti Cash, add cash option is given in the bottom corner.
  • As soon as you click on the address button, the add how page will open in front of you.
teen patti real cash
  • Here you can recharge by selecting the amount according to you.
  • If you are using the application for the first time, then you will be given very good offers and cashback on recharging inside the Teen Patti Cash app.

6) How to earn money by playing games inside Teen Patti Cash Game ?

  • There are many games available inside the Teen Patti Cash game, by playing which you can earn money, some of which are given below.
  • Before playing the games inside Teen Patti Cash you must know how to play all the games in real teen patti cash game.
    For this, I tell you a very good way to understand the rules of all games.
    Inside the teen patti cash game online ,there is an option in the top side right corner by clicking on the( i button )near Customer Support.
teen patti cash apk download
  • As soon as friends click on this ( i button ) then how to play all those games from all the games inside the Teen Patti Cash apk, all the rules are shown here.

7) how to do winning inside teen patti cash game ?

Inside Teen Patti Cash Game you can earn money by playing the game.
I have earned some money by playing games, which I tell you below.

1) 7 Up Down game

Teen Patti Cash 7 Up Down Game ou can win by playing.
7 Up Down is a simple dice game which has two sides.
Numbers below seven are 7 down and above 7 are seven up.
There is an option of 7 in the middle.
The player has to select either 7 up or 7 down side.
Whichever side the player selects, he gets double the amount as profit here.

2) Jhandi Munda

Teen patti cash Jhandi Munda Pi is a great and entertainment game.
Out of this you can select any one or two boxes out of 6 boxes.
And if the box you select is one then you can get returns up to 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X, 15X, 100X.

3) Dragon 🐲 Vs Tiger

Teen patti cash dragon vs tiger game Best and attractive game.
This game is the smartest and most winning and profit making game.
In this you get two sides, one side with dragon, the side with tiger and in the middle there is the option of Tai.

Out of this, you have to select any one side, Dragon or Tiger, if you want, you can also select the tai.
Whichever side you select from here, if it wins then you get profit with double amount.

teen patti cash download

4) Ludo

All of you must know about Ludo.
Ludo is a favorite game of all Indian player.
By playing Ludo game in Teen Patti Cash, you can do both a lot of winnings and entertainment from here.
And all Indian players love playing Ludo very much.

5) Fruit Party

Fruit Party is like a slots game.
In this you can play slot games.
In Fruit Party, you can spin by selecting the amount as per your choice and here you can also bill the jackpot.

6) Horce Racing

Teen Patti cash Horse Racing is a horse game. In which 6 horses are racing and out of these you have to select any one horse or you can also choose 2.If your selected horse bins, you can get returns up to 2 times, 3X , 4X, 5X, 10X, 15X times.

7) Wingo Loterry

Wingo lottery in Teen Patti Cash is also a very good game and by playing the game we can win a lot.
You can win by reading the rules, whose rules etc.
are inside the application as well and according to what I mentioned above.

8) How to earn money by referring in teen patti cash game ?

  • To earn money by referring Teen Patti Cash, you will have the option of Invite Boat on the home page.
  • Apart from this, the option of refer and earn is also given below in teen patti cash online.
  • By clicking on which your Refer and Earning page will open.
teen patti cash download

Earn money

  • Invite friends to play the game.
  • Get ₹20 at once.
  • Earn 30% of friends recharge
teen patti cash refer and earn
  • As per Taurus cash research if you keep to share your referral link on social media platform, you can earn Rs 3200 within week by teen patti cash refer and earn
  • It’s better to share the link into Facebook group.
teen patti cash app


  • What Is Gullak ?
  • Gullak helps to earn ₹ 2 per hour automatically.
  • When ₹ 20 is collected on gullak, you can withdraw all the money.
cash teen patti

My Cash

3 patti cash
  • Inside My cash, you see some interface like the page you have seen.
  • Here you can check your current level.
teen patti cash download
  • Here your complete data show of teen patti cash refer and earn full data.


1 ) How to be earn commission?

Invite your friends to download the app, You can get commission from invitation.
Normally it’s ₹ 20 per person.
You can get commission from richarging, up to 30% of every recharge of your referrals.
The commission is valid forever.
The higher division you are the higher percentage of commission you will get.

2) How to invite your friends?

Share the game via are social media or share the referral link to you friends.
You can get commission after your friends click the promotional link download and install the teen patti cash game.
The installation must be friend by the referral link, sharing teen patti cash app package by sharelt is not allowed.
The app is available for Android users the app for IOS is coming soon.

3) Whats the purpose of division ?

All promoters are divided into five divisions, from the lowest to the highest:bronze, division, silver division, gold division,platinum division and diamond division.
The higher division you are, the more ways of earning commission you will get.
The higher division you are, the higher percentage you will get from recharging.

4) How to upgrade your division?

Your get higher division if more referrals you bring to the aame and the morethey recharge.
If you have extraordinary promotional ability with channels , please get contact with our customer service center to verify your dvision.

5 ) How to develop your referrals?

Encourage your referrals to invite the friends to the play game in teen patti cash, then your referras will become your affiliates.
Share more promotion way to your affiliates, so they can develop their refferals quickly and your commission will increase too.

6) How to get commission from affiliates ?

You will a aet percentage of commission from your affiliate commissions.
The commission you get from your affiliates is paid by our official accountand and your affiliates commission want be affected.
  • References
  • Referral
  • Top friend who you refer the game to.
  • Division
  • Status of promoter five division from the lowest to highest. Bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.
  • Affiliate
  • Your referral who has shared the game to his friends.


Here you can check the profit of daily, weekly and monthly users of Teen Patti Cash , you can also.


Strategy for beginners

Most Recommended Strategies for Bronze
& Silver Divisions.
Target: invite as many friends as possible to
download and play games

1.Promotion on social media platforms .
  • Make use of various offline activities to share your referral link with your relatives or friends . Show them how game is played and benefits you have got .
  • Generally face-to-face guidance is more direct and effective than simply sharing referral links
  • online.
  • With offline invitation, you can get at
  • least1 -2 referrals at each time and earn invitation commission ( 20rs per person ).
  • And encourage you.
2 ) Face to Face audience
  • Make use of various offl ine activities to share your referral link with your relatives or friends.
  • Show them how game is playe and benefits you have got Generally face-to-face guidance is more direct and effective than simply sharing referral links online .
  • With offline invitation , you can get at least 1-2 referrals ateach time and earn invitation commission ( 20rs per person )
  • And encourage your referrals to play games continuously , you will also get good recharge commission.
3.Content optimization
  • Pay attention to diversity of your promotion contents. While sharing as your referral link, you can add some personal elements to the common templates generated on Taurus platform The elements include brief introduction on game features and benefits, withdrawal amount credited to bank accountid screenshot , video recording of game Winning etc to increase its authenticity and credibility.
  • Otherwise, you can join more groups communicate in those groups a long terms are also share your download links into the group, Learning from excellent promoters this shortcut will help you earn satisfied commission quickly.

Strategy for advanced promoters

Most recommended strategies for gold division and above.
Target : build your own platform to attract traffic and develop more affiliates.

Make good use to you tube
  • After you have shared your referral links to all your friends, you should get started to use more promotion methods, such as creating your own YouTube channel Telegram channel, website etc, in order to obtain more traffic.
  • Take Youtube as an example, you can upload videos regularly, in which you can show game playing and money winning .Besides, you should input your referrallink in video description, and add as many entries related to Teen Patti Master or game tricks as possible.
  • The purpose is to make the video more popular and many people can see your videos.
  • If they download games via your referral link, they will become your referrals. At the same time, you can also attach your games via your referral link, they will become your referrals.
    At the same time, you can also attach your channel links from other platforms on Youtube, which can help you increase subscribers to channels on other platforms.
2 ) The power of Google ads
  • When everything is ready in your platform, you definitely want your platform to be known by as many people as possible. Google ads is a right tool.
  • You can apply for a Google ads account via your Gmail or agency Under ads type search or display, promote your website or App link Make good use of Googles traffic and let more people download form your referral link. You have to pay some advertising fees, but the commission you will earn is much more than the advertising fees.
  • All top promoters are used to achieve maximum promotions efficiency via Google ads.
3) Develop and guide affiliates
  • After more and more people subscribe your platform, interaction with those subscribers is necessary.
  • You can create Whatsapp or Telegram groups and clear up their doubts on game or promotion.
  • After they register via your referral link,hey will become your loyal Id referrals and affiliates.As your division increases, you can earn higher percentage commission from them haveenough affiliates When you you can earn magnificent passive income even if you don’t share referrallinks out or do anything.
  • So take actions to guide your affiliates how to make money, so you can get a steady income!

9) How to withdraw money from teen patti cash game?

  • To withdraw money from Teen Patti Cash game, click on the withdraw button above.
  • As soon as you click on the teen patti cash withdrawal button, the option of withdrawal page will open in front of you.
  • Here you can withdraw whatever amount shows inside your winning cash.

Withdrawal Rules

  1. Teen Patti Cash minimum withdrawal is ₹300 and maximum withdrawal is ₹5000.
  1. Get money in 1-7 days after withdrawal succeed.
  2. The user daily withdraw limit is three times and the withdrawl limit is 15000

9) How do we contact the customer support inside Teen Patti Cash App?

  • To contact Teen Patti Cash customer care, the option of support has been given in the top right corner.
  • By clicking on which you can contact through WhatsApp and email from Teen Patti Cash Customer Care Support.

10) FAQs

1) How much is the sign up bonus in Teen Patti Cash?

₹ 100 sign up bonus is available in Teen Patti Cash right now due to the offer and the remaining ₹ 20 sign up bonus is available permanently and 7 day checking bonus separately.

2) Minimum amount of Teen Patti cash withdrawal ?

The minimum withdrawal of Teen Patti Cash is ₹300.

3) Teen Patti Cash Real or Fake ?

=Teen Patti Cash is 100% Trusted and Payment Proof Application and Real Application.

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सूचना :- इस सभी एप्लीकेशन के अंदर वित्तीय जोखिम शामिल है तो कृपया इस बात का ध्यान रखते हुए स्वयं के रिस्क पर खेलें ! और इसके अंदर अपने पैसे को जोड़ने से बचें, वरना इसमें आप लोगों का नुकसान हो सकता है,

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